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Our Neighborhood Pantry

Local Producer Highlight:
Cult Crackers

Meet Dianna, the co-founder of Cult Crackers, a local organic cracker company. Dianna and her team handbake their artisan crackers right here in Berkeley, at the Berkeley Kitchens. These super crackers are naturally gluten free (though they taste so good you’d never know it!)

Swing by and grab a bag of these totally addicting crackers!

Local Producer Highlight:
Simurgh Bakery

Meet Hatice Yildiz from who came by to drop off some Baklava and beautiful words: “We want to make authentic food to share our culture with people. So our Turkish Baklava’s are made with homemade dough, Turkish pistachios, clarified butter, locally sourced flour, and all natural sugars”

Come to by to try some of Hatice’s Bay Area Based Baklava!

Local Producer Highlight:
Babsi's Pastries

Barbara (AKA Babsi) came by to drop of some of her gluten free, vegan, and natural sugar/sugar free pastries!

Food is how Barbara has shared her Austrian culture with her family and friends, and she hopes to extend that to you all! Gluten Free herself, she has adapted many Austrian recipes to be GF, vegan, and delicious! Many ingredients come from our local farmers markets here in Berkeley, and her cottage kitchen license allows her to bake and operate straight from her kitchen at home 👩‍🍳

Swing by to snag some of Babsi’s local, specialty, hard to find sweets: chocolate hazelnut, vanilla, and almond marzipan cookies 🍪😋

Badan Kitchen

Every day Badan Kitchen offers Mediterranean dishes that will have you feeling as clean and light as the ingredients put into them.

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